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The following philosophy is our guiding “light”. It underpins and directs the entire operation, interactions and goals for our service.


Bunyip embraces an inclusive vision, and collaborative approach to all areas of its service provision. This integral perspective is considered vital to developing and fostering a rich, diverse, quality service of care and education.  It is an environment where play is valued and used as a learning tool, so children can explore and be creative in their journey of fun learning.


We believe that all persons within our Bunyip community: children, families, staff and wider community members should be treated with respect and valued for their uniqueness and diversity. We acknowledge all experiences that all persons have to offer and are inclusive to all who have different cultural background, nationality, gender, disability, socio-economic status, and beliefs. We actively encourage and pursue access for all and are inclusive of all beliefs and lifestyles.


Families are considered an integral part of our Bunyip. All families are supported and very welcome and we actively encourage and value their participation, ideas and contributions as part of our program.  We believe in working as a team for the best outcome for each child and family.


Bunyip offers a positive extension on home learning and development where both group and individual needs are catered for in a fun, challenging and stimulating environment.


We believe staff to be considered as a special part of the extended family where they observe, plan and implement programs to stimulate the development of each child in an emergent curriculum.  Each child is planned for and their development is recorded in numerous ways with their special books are always available for parents/guardians to view.  Each child’s primary carer will work with the parent/s on the overall development and well being on the child.


Our mission statement


• We will provide quality care and education for the children of working and non working parents.

• We will provide a quality educational program for all children looking at individual and group needs and providing activities to suit and extend their development level and progress them to school readiness.

• We will provide a secure stimulating environment, and  an extension of home

• The service will allow for family grouping in the morning (for all long day care children), then those belonging to Billabong and  Coolabah room will go to their rooms for a Pre-school program 9-3 and then family grouping again in the afternoon

• We will provide programs to extend basic ideas based on children’s interests, needs, and development

• We will run primary caregiver groups, where a staff member will be assigned to you and your child and will be responsible for individual developmental records and be there as a support to your family.

• We will provide a quality secure environment for employees where they feel happy, confident in their environment and able to express themselves to grow and develop to aid the development of the children

• The service will provide adequate trained staff at all times of the day to ensure quality of care

• We will provide quality care, education and support that will be in accordance with regulations and accreditation quality standards.




In relation to Children – 

• To provide a fun learning environment 

• To enhance each child’s positive self image and self esteem.

• To provide quality care and education that caters for the physical, social, emotional, cognitive, language area of development including literacy and numeracy skills

• To provide a program that caters for individual and group needs.

• To offer a variety of learning experiences that stimulates children’s interests and development and is inclusive of all children.

• To provide a safe, nurturing, secure and challenging environment.

• To provide positive experiences and surroundings that allows children to develop social skills, trust, competence and independence.

• To provide support for families and refer children where necessaries to relevant professionals

• To provide a learning environment where children have choice and decision making towards the program.

• To prepare children for school.


In relation to Families:

• To welcome, support and integrate all families utilising the service.

• To offer support to all families as well as assistance with access to community networks and resources if needed.

• To offer a multicultural perspective in all areas of curriculum.

• To include parents, children, staff and visiting professionals as one team working towards one goal.

• To consider all ideas for Pre-school in general, we value contributions to the program and encourage evaluation of it which can be written on the day book/program or discussed with staff.

• To be open and honest on all matters relating to their child/children

• To respect families confidentiality


In relation to Communities:

• To provide quality care and Pre-School education for children in our community from the ages of 0 -6 years.

• To provide Pre-School and Long day care services

• To promote ourselves in the community

• To involve the different cultures in the community

• To ensure a safe environment in conjunction with community support.

• To be an integral part of our community activities and invite the larger community to participate in ours.

• To demonstrate a reciprocal relationship.

• To inform the community of major happenings

• To have Pre-School staff to be an active participant in our Harden Early Childhood Group (HEC) and to network with other early childhood professions


In relation to Staff:

• To employ staff that reflects a diversity of education, training and life experiences.

• To provide staff with respect as individuals understanding their needs and responsibilities.

• To ensure that staff carry out their profession to the best of their ability.

• To provide opportunities that offer staff continual professional development to update and enhance their knowledge and roles.

• To foster a team approach and an environment that demonstrates respect, for all staff members.