From the very beginning, Bunyip has been a service that the Harden community could call it's own...


Bunyip  Pre-school was originally built by Apexians in 1967 and  became incorporated in December 1988.  The pre-school was then renovated and the second unit added in 2002 with the first year of operation in 2003.  This was funded by The Geoffrey Kruger trust and Department of Regional Solutions. Extension of verandah and the Covered Outdoor Learning Area took place in 2006 funded by The Geoffrey Kruger Trust and The Department of Sport and Recreation.  Large climbing area sails were funded by the ‘Friends of Bunyip’.

Bunyip Pre-School.


Up to 26th November 2007 Bunyip had been a straight 2 unit Pre-School catering for up to 39 children daily between the ages of 3-6 years old.  At this time the Long Day Care Centre in town closed and therefore the Pre-school became the sole multipurpose centre catering for the long day care needs and still keeping the Pre-school section.  This was still licensed by the Department of Community Services.  


In 2009 funding from The Geoffrey Kruger trust and DEEWR : Long day care capital funding made it possible to extend along the front of the Pre-school to incorporate 2 additional classrooms, cot and change areas, preparation, office, children and staff bathrooms, staff room, kitchen, foyer and offices.  This meant the 4 different age groups could then be separated allowing for family grouping morning and evening and same age grouping throughout the day.   The building was designed and landscaped by staff and parent representatives and parents and committee put on the finishing touches to complete and open the building on the 6th November 2009.  A cook started at the beginning of 2010 and staff grew to 15. We would also like to thank our bendigo bank for their contrbutions towards our projects. 



In 2011 through the help of our local Masonniccare group we were able to raise enough funds erected new shade sails and lay our soft fall and synthetic grass in the 0-3 playground. we are still looking to move foward with a new sand pit and vegie garden for the 3-5 playground as well as paved areas and  an upgrade of the back sensory garden.  


Throughout the years - committees, parents, children, staff, community groups and interested people have worked hard to extend and upgrade the Pre-School and garden to make it to be the wonderful Pre-school it is today.